Expert interviews and presentations on IOT

Short film on intravenous oxygen therapy

A compact and information-dense short film to explain the basics of IOT – presented by Dr. med. Dirk Wiechert.

A good introduction for those who are interested in the topic and have not yet received in-depth information.


IOT webinar for professionals

Dr. med. Dirk Wiechert presents here in depth which functions underlie the IOT.

Interesting for therapists and interested laymen who want to go deeper into the subject.


Testimonials and general

Patient report for pulmonary fibrosis, thrombosis, tinnitus, and visual impairment.

The patient has been treated with oxyvenation for many years and shares his story. Pulmonary fibrosis can be very mild, but in this case was extremely significant and significantly limited the patient’s quality of life.

Visualization of oxygen bubbles traveling through the veins

Impressive example of vasodilatation of IOT, in which the pathways of oxygen bubbles become comprehensible and even change in the course of therapy.

Patient report for macular degeneration

The patient suffers from visual impairment which occurred due to age-related macular degeneration. It is remarkable that here also a genetic component seems to be causal, since the patient’s mother suffered from the same disease in old age and unfortunately went blind, which the patient was spared so far.

COPD GOLD 4 – out of treatment?

Such severe COPD is an immense burden for patients – even at rest there can be shortness of breath and the slightest exertion quickly becomes unbearable. We are glad that oxyvenation in combination with orthomolecular diagnostics and therapy could contribute to a significant improvement in this case.